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If you've been following me for a while you'll know I like the band Ghost. I've recently been painting large surreal pieces based off my own interpretations of songs on their most recent album  - Impera. 

Hunters Moon Dark Fantasy Surreal Oil Painting

Hints of Kaisarion

At the bottom of the painting I hint at visuals of a dystopian corrupt city. This links to one of the first songs on the Impera album Kaisarion.

Hunters moon moon

“stench of heaven”

Borrowing still from Kaisarion, the city is emitting a cloud of pollution all over the panting - The lyrics “stench of heaven” are echoed though out the album and “too close to forever” means that history is repeating itself and is going too far too fast.

Close Up of Hunters Moon Oil Painting

Project Name

You can watch a video of me painting Hunters Moon over on my Instagram page or by clicking here:

Close Up of Hunters Moon Oil Painting
Hunters Moon A2 Poster Print
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