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This vibrant oil painting, titled Call Me Little Sunshine #1, is the first tonal painting I created celebrate the launch of Ghost's new album Impera. Inspired by the track of the same name, the painting features mainly Red Oxide oil paint, resulting in a striking and bold artwork. The process of creating this piece can be seen in a video, allowing fans to see the artist in action. Measuring 40 x 50cm, this oil painting on MDF Board comes with a frame, adding to its visual impact. Additionally, the frame is easily removable, giving buyers the option to display the artwork as they prefer. If you're a fan of Ghost and appreciate unique and expressive art, this painting is a must-have addition to your collection.


Oil on MDF Board 40 x 50cm

Comes with the frame seen in picture:
Frame: 48 x 58cm (Easily Removable)

Call Me Little Sunshine #1 Ghost Band Inspired Oil Painting Art

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