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Dark Fantasy Tassel Bookmarks with 6 designs to choose from. Featuring my original art and Papa Emeritus from the band ghost.


🌙 Welcome to the ethereal realm of Dark Fantasy Bookmarks – a hauntingly beautiful collection that draws inspiration from spectral melodies of the band Ghost BC. Elevate your reading experience with these unique bookmarks that blend the mysterious allure of the supernatural with the artistry of a ghostly band.


👻 Each bookmark is 52 x 148mm in style with stylish black tassel and professionally printed on 400gsm silk card.


🖤 Handcrafted with care, these bookmarks are printed on high-quality, durable cardstock, ensuring they withstand the test of time. The dark and mysterious color palette adds an elegant touch to your reading adventures, making them perfect for fans of gothic literature, fantasy, or those who simply appreciate the macabre.


📚 Whether you're a bookworm, a lover of dark fantasy, or someone seeking a unique gift for a literary companion, these ghost band-inspired bookmarks are a must-have making them an ideal present for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a touch of enchantment.


Size 52 x 148mm with stylish black tassel


6 different designs to choose from or select the complete collection to save and get a free  Grucifix necklace with your order!

Dark Fantasy art Tassel Bookmarks - Ghost band Papa Emeritus. Gifts for Goths

PriceFrom £4.50
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