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This was a bit of a spontaneous painting, I didn't really have a plan when I started. I threw a layer of raw umber on the canvas then using a rag and some mineral spirits tried to pick out some shapes/faces.


The 'pick out' technique can give some really dramatic contrast and is super forgiving if you need to make corrections during the first layer. It's kinda giving me 4 horsemen/apocalyptic vibes. Maybe 4 Papas of the Apocalypse?? 👻 Someone in the studio said they were seeing angels in abstract patterns around the faces. I'd love to know what you see?


Oil on Canvas
20 x 36 inches


Shipping - The painting will be shipped rolled to avoid damage in transit and will require re-streching upon receipt .


Please feel free to message me with any questions

The Four - Original Gothic Oil Painting

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